This is another vlog (re-uploaded) from my Facebook page. You seemed to like the first one, so it looks like I'll also be uploading them here on Youtube every week as well.

(Q) Where is your next stand up comedy show?

(A) I'm performing in Florida (Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa) on July 17-19. I made a Facebook Event for all the stand up shows I'm doing. So you'll have to check that page for details and ticket info.

(Q) Do you still produce (non-vlog) comedy videos?

(A) Absolutely. I produce more videos than I've ever produced. Mostly, I make sketch comedy for Facebook and Instagram- and they kill. Check them out if you haven't already. :)

(Q) Why did you shoot this video vertically?

(A) Two reasons (1) Most of these clips are taken from my Instagram stories, and (2) Because vertical video actually works better with mobile timeline. Try watching this vid on your phone. It fills the screen nicely and looks pretty cool.

(Q) Does Red Kelly have a Youtube page or Facebook fan page?

(A) No. She's not trying to be an entertainer and she doesn't care to be "famous". She just likes vlogging with me because it's an activity we get to do together.

(Q) Is [insert outdated project from years ago] ever coming back?

(A) Doubtful. I'm happier and I get more viewership producing the things I produce now. And I'm not the kind of guy who likes to take a step backwards. Plus, right now Youtube is having an ad revenue problem, so it would cost more money to produce those shows than they would make back in revenue.

(Q) Is Sunday Stories coming out every Sunday?

(A) Yes.

(Q) What does Red Kelly do for a living?

(A) She's a singing teacher.

(Q) Why does swiss cheese have holes?

(A) Because you voted for Trump.

(Q) Would you say hi to me if I saw you on the street?

(A) I would likely trip you and run away. And then I would probably be laughing so hard that I would trip. And then we would both be rolling on the ground in pain. True story.


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