I've been vlogging on my Facebook page every Sunday. I figured I'd try uploading them here on Youtube too. Yes, I know Youtube doesn't work well with vertical video. I shoot these vlogs vertically because they're designed to look good in Facebook's mobile timeline. Mobile is the future. :)

(Q) Who's that red headed girl in the video?

(A) That's my girlfriend Red Kelly. We've been dating about a year. She vlogs with me sometimes.

(Q) Are you going to upload your vlogs to Youtube every Sunday?

(A) If they are well-received, then yes. People love them on Facebook, but I'm aware vertical cell phone video may not go over well on Youtube.

(Q) What happened to Equals Three and other shows?

(A) We went on break, and then some of the other guys got jobs elsewhere. Now we're all kind of doing our own thing career-wise. We may produce more at some point, but Youtube shows (like ours) are expensive to produce- and Youtube is going through an ad revenue problem right now.

(Q) What have you been up to lately, Ray?

(A) I do stand up comedy (I'm currently touring the country). I produce sketches for Facebook. And I do a lot work in TV development.

(Q) Why don't you produce content anymore?

(A) I actually produce more content right now than I've ever produced in my life. Check my Facebook sketches, weekly vlogs, and my Instagram stories.

(Q) Are you aware that your girlfriend is way too hot for you?

(A) Yes I am.

(Q) Why are you so amazing?

(A) I don't know. Genetics probably.


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