My friends and I used to always make fun of and joke around with each other. Party, mess around, get in trouble. We still do the same. But now, we do this. We support each other. We love each other. We protect each other. We inspire each other. We want to see each other grow and become better as individuals. This movement is about simply that, loving each other. Looking out for each other. Without this group, I would have made horrible decisions over the last 2 weeks. But they werenít scared to stop me and give me their opinion. They arenít scared to get me mad. Because they know I love them and they love me and we want to help each other. If you are a part of this movement, we love and care for you just the same. Which is why when the gentleman approached us at the end, I decided to pay for his yearly salary to allow him to focus on school. See you all soon. July 15th will live on forever. :)

ps. if the only reason you came was for the title. the story remains the same. i did meet drake, and one day he will be performing at hate dies love arrives. :)

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