Speak your truth, even when your voice trembles.

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STOP being a follower. stop thinking like everyone else just to fit in. stop believing everything you see or hear right away. stop hating. stop spreading hate. stop trying to find reasons to hate. start asking questions. start living for yourself. start having your own likes and dislikes and not just those of others. start being your own person. stop following youtube trends. stop tryna act like everyone else. stop being like everyone else. break out of the status quo. dress different. talk different. walk different. as long as your being YOURSELF.

to all my friends and family. with love. i know right now things seem crazy. but i promise you they arenít. hereís whatís happening. over the next week or so, everybody and their mamas will post a video about #July15th .. they will assume, manipulate, explain, argue etc etc. BUT. what they donít know is, in my circle, i have top dogs in the industry who were mentoring me all the way through July 15th. they suppor me. they believe in me. top actors and artists. (no name drops needed) if they wanted, 1 call, they could fix EVERYTHING and change my life. but they arenít. why? because theyíre telling me to sit back and put faith in God. so as the world assimilates together and creates a wave of hate to try to kill my message which is of LOVE. i smile. knowing that when all is said and done. MY documentary will come out. only it will be a high production MOVIE. and every actor, celebrity etc that i name dropped during July 15th will be interviewed as they tell their stories. GOD MAKES NO MISTAKES. you have to trust the process. what you think is a set back is actually a step forward preparing you for the next BIG step. iíll end this by saying, i WILL be on the ELLEN show. i WILL sell out Staples Center as a world famous motivational speaker when i announce HATE DIES LOVE ARRIVES 2. i WILL come out of this on top. July 15th. is preparing me for my next big chapter in life. and i couldnít be more GRATEFUL. love wins. hate dies. love arrived. #July15th forever. THE KING IS BACK. ??????

ps. as an artist moving forward. i will now disable my comments and user ratings. why? kids are impressionable and like to follow the crowd. they don't know how to formulate their own opinions. so now, if people want to listen, they can. and after, they can think about how they feel about it on their own, and not just follow the crowd like sheep. we're changing the way things are done around here. it's a new era. the #July15th era.

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