Because Dollar never got to be a part of my new family channel, I posted a tribute of his life on there: Click Here to Watch:

Two days ago my puppy Dollar passed away peacefully and happily in my arms. He went while smiling with his eyes wide open staring at me. He fought until his last breath but knew it was his time to go to heaven. The night before I whispered in his ear while we were lying down and I told him it's ok if he needs to go, muffin and I will be here to protect and love each other. Dollar served his purpose. He stayed with my during my darkest times. Celebrated my best of times. And then led me back to New Jersey to be with my family before saying goodbye. Dollar was my guardian angel who I truly didn't deserve. I want to thank everyone who ever got to spend time with him and make his time here an amazing experience. I also want to thank everyone who ever prayed for him and gave him love and support. He loved and cherished you all. I'll forever miss you my baby. And you will forever be the dollar to my dream. Love, Dad ????

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