Dear Lebron James. I created this visual and song with the intention of having you at my July 15th event called HATE DIES LOVE ARRIVES. You always taught me that you are more than an athlete. So on that day I wanted to be a human, with you, on stage spreading the message of LOVE. If I was able to get Lebron James to come on stage at a free show in front of millions of live viewers, a sold out crowd, and have him give a speech on EQUALITY, I truly believe we could have started a CHANGE. A new frequency of love. Unfortunately thanks to powers out of my control, my show was cancelled due to unforseen circumstances. Everyone now thinks it's a flop, failure not seeing the bigger picture. This is so much bigger than YouTube. This is so much bigger than me and even you Lebron. This is for the WORLD. It didn't work the FIRST time. But I have no doubt in my mind, that it will the second. I love you as a brother Lebron. A brother of the WORLD from God. See you soon.

With Love,

Yousef Saleh Erakat

Instagram: @fousey
Twitter: @fousey

Manifestation Goals:

- Lebron James will see and tweet about this video. :)
#July15th lives forever.

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