Yesterday's Episode:

If you're from DOHA, QATAR we will be doing a Free Meet and Greet today (Saturday) at The Mall of Qatar at 9PM on the Oasis stage. Bring your whole family and come have a FUN time! :D

Day 16: WHAT A DAY! I cannot explain how amazing today was. Just wanna say. There is A LOT of work that goes into each episode. Each day feels like a new documentary. So some days, upload times are off like today. I sincerely apologize and will try to find a way to minimize turn around time. We finish each day well after midnight and then have to get it up by the next afternoon. It's a work in progress so thanks so much for your patience and support. I try keeping you up to date on all my social medias through out the day. Again, thank you and I hope to see you here again tomorrow! :D

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