Live Stream Starting Any second now. Stay Tuned.

Want to still come? Go to the venue now. Any open seats is yours for free:
Greek Theater: 2700 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027


JULY 15TH INSTRUCTIONS: if you are coming to the event, doors open promptly at 4:30PM and show begins at 6:00 PM. i ask that you come with HIGH ENERGY, LOVE in your HEARTS ready to have a GOOD TIME. i want you to wear whatever makes you comfortable. wear your favorite teams jersey. bring your countries flag. BE WHO YOU ARE. record as much as you like. post as much as you like using hashtags provided tomorrow. ENJOY HISTORY BABY. also, if you were unable to get a ticket, i understand that many people snagged a free ticket and are now trying to resell. LISTEN, come anyway, resellers won't show up which will allow you the first chance into the venue to fill their empty seat! so be there EARLY and line up for your chance to get in!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TRUST AND BELIEF IN JULY 15TH. together, we will change the world! :D I LOVE YOU! :D


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