dear @pewdiepie you’re the king of YouTube. at the top. you have soooo much power. if only you knew how to use it for good. over the years, anytime my name or many other creator names came out of your mouth, it was to push us further down and not help us up. and that’s not what kings do. you could help us. you could advise us. in real life. your word and support means so much. if the king of YouTube gets views off of humiliating and damaging characters of others, why would everyone who supports him do differently. imagine, if instead of responding to my “July 15th” which i didn’t watch btw. i had someone watch for me so i can not be focused on more negativity. imagine if before responding in such a mean way before waiting for all the details to emerge. imagine if you posted a sincere video saying, “if you need someone to talk to bro, i’m here. i’m sorry it didn’t go the way you planned. how can i help.” or even a tweet. or a DM. or a call. you know? imagine how much good others would do if they saw you do good. people replicate what they see happening at the top because they think if they do the same they’ll get there. but by doing what you do you’re ruining the lives of your audience. why? they might make videos hating on others thinking if they do, they’ll be as big as pewds. but that’s a lie. because you got to the top with funny, fun, caring videos people related to. it wasn’t until the shift in YouTube culture a couple of years ago you decided to use your voice for harm and not good. i send this with love and instead of finding anything negative to combat this with. let’s talk. i’ll fly to you. pay for everything. phones off. cameras off. and have a real discussion. not as fousey and pewdiepie. but as Felix and Yousef. two humans who if they supported each other could do a lot of good together. and teach a lot of people how to do good in the world. thus, helping change the world. the purpose of July15th. without July 15th, “the flop” in your eyes. the likeness of keemstar, adam22, banks and many more wouldn’t have created the bond and friendship they now have. July 15th was a huge success. depending on how you look at it. with love or with hate. everyone was there to celebrate love. to celebrate each other. i asked lebron to attend to prove to the youth and the new generation that we are all the same. we are not divided by money, wealth, and status. we are connected through love. i love you bro. and i patiently wait to hear from you. and if no response comes in. just know i love you, care for you and i promise if you spent the time to get to know me. i would no longer be the villain you have painted me out to be to YouTube over all these years. with love, Yousef Saleh Erakat

ps. i never intended to even mention your name. never expected you to post a video. but you did and that got us here, able to communicate. as a leader. don’t be scared to help others climb the ladder with you. use your voice to teach kids how to dream. how you got there. start collabing with YouTubers so everyone can remember what this site was built on. bring the family vibes of YouTube back. even if we ALL got to your subscriber level and success level. you’d still be pewdiepie the king. it’s not only when we are all looking up at you. that actually is when you’re a false king. i love you.

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