Who's ready for some throwbacks and a duck who doesn't care about your concrete! We've got slip-n-slde gone wrong, a few hilarious gymnastics fails and a girl who can't get her beauty mask off! Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!!

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Quad Goes Into Car https://goo.gl/RXmXev
Kid Fails to Backflip on Bike https://goo.gl/XaLwx6
Jet Skier Flips Over https://goo.gl/UERYd4
Brother Helps Sister Down the Slide https://goo.gl/nFyOTl
Bubble Soccer Wipeout https://goo.gl/6EsmPz
Woman's Dentures Fall out During Game https://goo.gl/7dA1rf
Guy Backflops into Pool https://goo.gl/VY9r2K
Cat Fails Leap of Faith https://goo.gl/kxgqOb
Girl in Box Falls https://goo.gl/H5Wuwa
Firework Breaks Toilet n/a
Guy Jumps Out of Closet to Prank Friend https://goo.gl/eUYjCS
Guy Breaks Table During Game of Beer Pong https://goo.gl/rgiw8S
Kid on Tricycle Hits Camera https://goo.gl/AqzKSN
Kid Tries to Slide on Boogie Board https://goo.gl/GQ4I6M
Glassware Breaks on Solar Panel https://goo.gl/3Amqrs
Kid Faceplants Van while Playing Street Hockey https://goo.gl/LVa58c
Snowboarder Tumbles Down Hill https://goo.gl/RnTmrW
Truck Spills Rocks on Busy Street https://goo.gl/SYx4yt
Woman Slips in River https://goo.gl/I0U4Tv
Guy Falls while Performing Norwegian Folk Dance https://goo.gl/dobQhj
Guy Breaks Light With Hands While Dancing https://goo.gl/csi4gC
Skateboarder Skids along Street https://goo.gl/CEXkUr
Guy Sailing in High Winds Tips Over https://goo.gl/iUY2d0
Biker Flies off Bike https://goo.gl/2TLiXE
Skateboard Flip Fail https://goo.gl/Dv2P34
Police Chase
Girl Frustrated with Taking off Face Peel https://goo.gl/PTCN04
Snowboarder Fails on Rail https://goo.gl/s3d1nY
Guy Gets Hit by Other Surfer https://goo.gl/GL6gMR
Guy Tries to Fly Giant Kite https://goo.gl/N4sgZ7
Guy Tries to Fly on Broomstick https://goo.gl/7scekH
Cat Falls Off Roof into Barrel https://goo.gl/7Hlz4M
Guy Breaks Trophy https://goo.gl/bmztcd
Boy Captures Bike Trick Fails https://goo.gl/ZXxMtR
Auto Technician Falls Through Hole n/a
Guy Jumps Across Ice and Falls https://goo.gl/aDECDn
Baby Falls Out of Crib https://goo.gl/C9Ge0d
Pigeons Eat Bread Crumbs off Student https://goo.gl/YSIi9h
Biker Falls After Jump Attempt https://goo.gl/eIvqYb
Trike Rider Goes into Tree https://goo.gl/MCxRtW
Man Knocks Out after Being Slapped https://goo.gl/t0dn91
Duck Walks Across Wet Concrete https://goo.gl/ygyImq
Cat Knocks Down Musicians Camera https://goo.gl/paomrY
Elephant Seal Rolls Down Hill https://goo.gl/6y2rJw
Mail Carrier Scare Prank https://goo.gl/4aUDek
Guy Falls in Store while Chasing Friend https://goo.gl/Tq9O8q
Curious Cat Tries to Grab Christmas Ornaments https://goo.gl/wbvbBs
Dog Eats Food with a Face https://goo.gl/Yx8IfQ
Sandboarder Faceplants https://goo.gl/zDA1Be
Guy Falls Trying to Dock Boat https://goo.gl/iC63G8
Two-Year-Old Birthday Gift Horror https://goo.gl/3nlcxg
Guy Knocks Self Out after Dunking https://goo.gl/qm9Mhk
Guy Bounces off Trampoline and Injures Self on Wall https://goo.gl/yDeTwV
Skateboarder Runs Into Brick and Falls https://goo.gl/yB16OQ
Guy Fails to Lift Heavy Weights https://goo.gl/g49Udf
Motorcyclist Endures Harsh Landing https://goo.gl/I8mzbh
Snowboarder Hits Lamp Post https://goo.gl/kO4keP
Kid Fails to Grab Onto Moving Bar https://goo.gl/Mh5v5k
Flyer Accidentally Kicks Girl in Face https://goo.gl/N8lBWM
Guy Can't Properly Rack Barbell after Squats https://goo.gl/gFBvgW
Guy Falls off Ring after Failing Trick https://goo.gl/xVW2WV
Girl on Tricycle Falls Backwards https://goo.gl/Q4ZK2R
Guys Run Into Each Other on Slippery Tarp https://goo.gl/eW0R2I
Guy Kicks Ball into Friend's Head https://goo.gl/cfgVd4
Guy Falls Off Hammock https://goo.gl/4iM09w
Guy Falls while Doing Soccer Freestyle https://goo.gl/nogUp2
Guy Tries to Fly with Kite https://goo.gl/olLPZ7
Guy Falls Over Hurdle https://goo.gl/JBW6Qz
Water Rushes Out of Electrical Outlet https://goo.gl/OPjuVt
Guy Accidentally Hits Head With Toy https://goo.gl/HnPXLW
Guy Dives into Sand https://goo.gl/GKejp1

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