Happy Thursday! We have another amazing compilation of classic fails for your collective faces! In this collection we have pole dance fails, horses going crazy, and much more! Be sure to submit YOUR videos at FailArmy.com

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Friends Push Each Other Into the Pool https://goo.gl/8USDNE
Guy Distracted by Phone Falls Down Stairs https://goo.gl/rYFaEu
Semi Overturns on Road https://goo.gl/m4r5Aq
Guy Hit on the Head With Racket https://goo.gl/TEpxBp
Guy Flips Go Kart Off Ramp https://goo.gl/YUwxWM
Waiter Slips and Falls on Step https://goo.gl/jsYeXB
Woman Tries to Prank Nephew https://goo.gl/6Xm5Pt
Lawn Mower Falls Into Pool https://goo.gl/NajMQn
Dog Stumbles Around in Giraffe Onesie https://goo.gl/9G7RTM
Guy Swings Off Countertop https://goo.gl/D5kDCL
Guy on Inflatable Raft Wipes Out at Beach https://goo.gl/kebTHP
Toddler Knocked Down by Wave https://goo.gl/KEe9Ve
Horses Pull Out of Control Wedding Carriage https://goo.gl/1h5YoV
Guy on Unicycle Falls off Wooden Box https://goo.gl/GpYvKg
BMX Rider Lands on Head Instead of Wheels https://goo.gl/YDQhwi
Woman Falls in Small Stream https://goo.gl/EMh6Uw
Toddler Covers Himself in Petroleum Jelly https://goo.gl/9sjQcS
Girl Pets Cat's Butt https://goo.gl/CRDVUS
Dad Hits Son With Basketball at Carnival Game https://goo.gl/5vRkqU
Little Girl Falls and Trips Older Sister https://goo.gl/V3KFMW
Guy Playing Guitar Fails Basketball Shot https://goo.gl/fnWT3Q
Guy Gets Knocked Off Teeter-Totter https://goo.gl/R42PsP
Cat Tries to Take Sticker Off Head https://goo.gl/ETBczF
Girl Gets Knocked Over by Large Wave at Amusement Park https://goo.gl/3L8v5Z
Woman Slips After Catching Bouquet https://goo.gl/m2RBw8
Gymnast Faceplants While Trying to Flip https://goo.gl/i9AYTZ
Guy Slips While Trying to Juggle Soccer Ball https://goo.gl/t3QCfc
Guy Falls off Dance Pole https://goo.gl/65SRrV
Teen Tries to Do Trick on Skateboard https://goo.gl/kThXep
Guy Fails Backflip at Beach https://goo.gl/EoK2sF
Little Boy Gets Toilet Seat Stuck on Head https://goo.gl/nvUNAu
Guy Fails to Jump Over Fence https://goo.gl/tWjxEr
Woman Gets Stuck in Mud at Beach https://goo.gl/W4wTwj
Guy Drives ATV into Spectator https://goo.gl/k1BXUW
Guy Fails to Drill Through Ice https://goo.gl/rCCcBT
Girl Falls into Lake https://goo.gl/KqyL3x
Girl Falls Off Bed While Attempting to Dance https://goo.gl/wwgjve
Guy Slips off Slide and Falls in Mud https://goo.gl/J4DVo2
Freerunner Shows off Parkour Falls https://goo.gl/tYwBdq
Girl Stumbles off Paddleboard https://goo.gl/nur8Zo
Girl Breaks Dance Pole https://goo.gl/EQaZc8
Tree Removal Knocks Down Lamppost https://goo.gl/FJnQak
Guy Falls off Swing Set While Attempting Backflip https://goo.gl/qKvHaF
Little Girl Spins and Falls Into Laundry Basket https://goo.gl/9ZopgD
Guy Wipes Out While Wakeboarding https://goo.gl/BVbGs7
Dad Catches Baby Rolling Off Bed https://goo.gl/xDLD5e
Guy in Wheelchair Falls Out of Boat https://goo.gl/K9KyKn
Gender Reveal Box Falls on Father https://goo.gl/ajjFZ5
Grandma Eats Grass https://goo.gl/r3bCk8
Guy Falls Backward off Hoverboard https://goo.gl/nf5KDz
Snowboarder Flies off Ramp and Crashes Into Bag https://goo.gl/RGxh23
Guy Flies off Jet Ski During Record Attempt https://goo.gl/42pwis
Woman Falls While Practicing Parachute Emergency Procedures https://goo.gl/5DJiPA
Guy Pretends to Be Asleep While Driving https://goo.gl/nWyBo4
Kite Drags Boy Across Field https://goo.gl/YaY1VM
Guy Rides Bike Into Canal https://goo.gl/rh947k

Throwback Fails: Carriage Carnage (April 2018) | FailArmy

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