Whether your sprinting, in a car or riding a bike, racing always brings us some of the funniest fails! We thought we should compile 31 of the best racing fails ever. Vote for your favorite racing fail of all-time to be included in the end of year Hall Of Fame induction ceremony and video. Vote by leaving a comment below!

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Runner Smashes Nuts https://goo.gl/UDAQ29
Spectators Almost Hit After Rally Car Loses Control https://goo.gl/KDyBHy
Sprint Car Goes Into Stands https://goo.gl/2Lxj1H
Cheese Roll Downhill Race Faceplant https://goo.gl/DHRvjJ
Racers Faceplant at Starting Line https://goo.gl/mh8Pjg
Hurdler Falls Twice in Same Race https://goo.gl/CK11yT
Soap Box Car Racer Flips https://goo.gl/zemsD1
Multiple Boat Pileup During Crew Race https://goo.gl/6FKTfC
Kid Can't Jump Hurdles
Radical EuroMasters Race Car https://goo.gl/gTW2eB
Race Car Flies Over Race Car Driver https://goo.gl/6PJxCZ
Rally Car Sprays Dirt on Spectators https://goo.gl/TEyLwd
Race Car Catches on Fire https://goo.gl/Uu5TsA
Grown Men Tumble Down Hill in Toy Cars https://goo.gl/iKvX2K
Marathon Runner Falls at Finish Line https://goo.gl/955oJc
Potato Sack Faceplant
Runner Collides into Girl on Track https://goo.gl/KagT9V
Car Lift Flips Formula Race Car https://goo.gl/SF9prb
BMX Race Domino on Ramp https://goo.gl/x8TMC9
Girl Running Race in Heels Falls on Face https://goo.gl/rkAupi
Racing Cyclist Celebrates Too Early https://goo.gl/e48qcT
Runner Trips at Beginning of Sprint https://goo.gl/67AWt9
Drift Car Goes Into Barrier Nearly Hitting Crowd https://goo.gl/Uwod52
Rally Car Goes Into Trees and Keeps Going https://goo.gl/Z44iuo
Motocross Race Starting Ribbon Knocks Rider Off
Pit Lane Disaster https://goo.gl/6wfBfz
Cyclocross Goes Domino Effect https://goo.gl/BFdctx
St. Patty's Piggyback Race Goes Badly https://goo.gl/4Nv9g4
Girl Flips Over Handle Bars During Race
Cyclist Narrowly Escapes Race https://goo.gl/j7P3ZS
Bike pileup https://goo.gl/ugj2nX

The Best 31 Racing Fails: FailArmy Hall of Fame (October 2017)

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