We're slipping and sliding all over the place with the best slip and slide fails!! Leave your favorites in the comment section and don't forget to submit your funny fail videos to FailArmy.com!!

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Slip 'n' Slider Flies off 75-Ft. Jump and Overshoots Pool https://goo.gl/HzlPD6
Guy Bounces off Bump on Waterslide and Lands on Neck https://goo.gl/Y8MeZz
Kid Slip-n-Slides into Rocks https://goo.gl/3pGRG3
Dog Can't Run up Slide https://goo.gl/CX9xeE
Guy Slips While Running Really Fast https://goo.gl/ySh61M
Water Slide Rider Falls and Hits Head https://goo.gl/ZD2xau
Girl Tries to Juggle Soccer Ball and Trips (Twice) https://goo.gl/uZojyi
Penguin Falls off Rock into Water https://goo.gl/R5jCp2
Dad Can't Skimboard n/a
Guy Falls on Butt after Sliding down Slope https://goo.gl/JSDJBh
Baby Falls Wearing High Heels https://goo.gl/8NGfSz
Basketball Players Dump Cooler on Coach https://goo.gl/9D3YWf
Guys Falls Off Shovel While Sliding on Ice https://goo.gl/QoH3cn
Girl Wipes Out While Snow Tubing https://goo.gl/ZIFgQw
Guy Tries to Run Up Slide and Faceplants https://goo.gl/AJDKEp
Man Wipes Out Skimboarding on Muddy Hill https://goo.gl/iHieSO
Indoor Slip and Slide into Window https://goo.gl/NVD3Wd
Kid Tries to Slide Across Slip and Slide https://goo.gl/wOyUyn
Waterfall River Crossing Slip Fail https://goo.gl/bOcs2A
Drunk Girl Sliding in the Streets https://goo.gl/wdM2GS
Old Man Faceplants on Slip'N Slide https://goo.gl/jMBSZS
Guy Slips on Slippery Bridge https://goo.gl/aw2TYQ
Water Slide Faceplant https://goo.gl/nLyzxE
Man Riding Slip-n-Slide Misses Mark https://goo.gl/7ZMEfr
Skimboarding on Slip-N-Slide Fail https://goo.gl/TDMJqP
Waterslide Rider Crashes into Friend https://goo.gl/WdiwRD
Artist Slips on Paint https://goo.gl/NyA1tV
Drunk Girl Slips and Falls on Bathroom Floor https://goo.gl/ZsY42f
Dog Taken out by Guy on Slip N Slide https://goo.gl/2Yu68p
Girl Tries to Do Gymnastics in Yard https://goo.gl/NURy3L
Girl Falls Off Skimboard https://goo.gl/u777l6
Slip-N-Slide Double Fail https://goo.gl/uYChn7
Dad Faceplants on Water Slide https://goo.gl/I4SZJs
Hilarious Diving Board Slip Fail https://goo.gl/o2bt0c
Icy Rail Parkour Fail https://goo.gl/5u1nhg
Guy Rides Board down Roof towards Pool https://goo.gl/nyQ253
Kid Fails to Slide down Waterslide https://goo.gl/L8gYqg
Guy Hits Head Trying to Slide into River https://goo.gl/HWsCco
Groom Slips into Pool https://goo.gl/YTTV6Y
Kid in Boxers Slides Across Buttered Floor https://goo.gl/fT9kun
Creek Crossing Rock Slip Fail Caught On Camera https://goo.gl/beieql
Guy Slips Off Roof Into Pool https://goo.gl/lKXM83
Guy Hurts Butt on Water Slide https://goo.gl/dXmtMf

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Slip and Slide Fails (April 2017) || FailArmy

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