Sometimes grown ups need still need a bit of maturing to do to act their age. Enjoy some of these hilarious fails, and share with someone who needs to grow up! Have a favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


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Wife Knocks Out Husband on Playground
Dad Tricks Toddler with Fake Plastic Hand
Mom in Kiddie Pool
Dad Tricks Kids Into Climbing Stairs Painted on Wall
Mom Freaks Out on Waterslide
Grandma During Hopscotch
Grandma Pogo Stick Fail
Mom Drags Kid Through Easter Egg Hunt
Little Girl Confuses Weed and Weeds
"Monkey on the car"
"Can I Pet Your Titties"
Kid Flips Off Camera
Goofy is a Pussy
Guy Scorpions on Slide
Guy Sticks Finger in Wife's Mouth Instead of Straw
Knight Duel Kick to the Head!
Flower Man Walks Down the Aisle
Grandmother Teaches Granddaughter How to Use Pogo Stick
Toddler Tries to Say Frog
Mom's Dentures drops out of Mouth
Dad Tries to Backflip off Boat into Water
Girls Attempt Acrobat Moves
Dad Gets Stuck on Side of Bouncy House
Girl Tries to Ride Luggage Cart
Rollerskaters Collide Into Each Other
Girl Over Seesaw
Grandpa Fails to Do Trick on Mini Bike
Man Jumps in Pool and Splashes Couple
Guy Loses Shorts while Swinging on Trapeze
Guy Tries to Sit on LayBag
Guy Knocks Friend's Ice Cream out of Cone
Woman's Teeth drops Out During Game
Hammock Breaks While Friends Swing Guy Inside
Grown Man Rides Small Skateboard
Mother into Daughter While on Slip 'N Slide.

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