Ever been slapped in the face by a fish? No, well we've got a good one for you! We've got some amazing in the face fails for you to enjoy. Have a favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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Boy Blows Chemical Mixture into Eyes https://goo.gl/Qa88cr
Guy Accidentally Kicks Woman in Face While Pole Dancing https://goo.gl/UaTjGq
Man into Barrier While Ice Skating
Uncle Accidentally Hits Ball Into Kids Face https://goo.gl/mJ12GU
Guy Gets Hit by Dummy's Hand https://goo.gl/kfz6tX
Woman Hits Man with Racquetball https://goo.gl/KYT9MH
RC Plane Hits Guy in Face https://goo.gl/8jgiQd
Girl Faceplants After Jumping off Hill
Man Spikes Volleyball into His Face https://goo.gl/AC9Cz3
Pinata Knocks Kid Over https://goo.gl/YoQYRJ
Guy Flip Off Mat https://goo.gl/3CWUbR
Girl While Spinning on Pole https://goo.gl/cmLmU1
Guy Gets Toy Stuck on Head
Boy Bounces Basketball into his Face https://goo.gl/x8jHuy
Guy Dodges Beach Ball Attack
Man into Picnic Table While Riding Slip N' Slide https://goo.gl/UbsdiC
Girl Attempts a Cartwheel https://goo.gl/wC4JrN
Man Off Paddle Board in Lake
Cat Smacks Hedgehog with Tail https://goo.gl/7pw4RV
Girl Faceplants While Dancing https://goo.gl/FVekz1
Son Hits Dad with Shovel https://goo.gl/A4y3Ja
Man Tries to Smack Friend Off Bridge
Guy Scorpions on Slide
Guy Frontflips Then Faceplants
Boy Gets Hit in Face with Tetherball
Woman Bumps Head on Monkey Bars https://goo.gl/ftvE92
Baby Topples Tower on Dad https://goo.gl/q4v6fo
Guy Out of Hammock https://goo.gl/w1ipS4
Guy Knocks Over Kid Attempting to Backflip
Kid Accidentally Hits Brother With Bat
Grandma Gets Hit in Face With Ping Pong Ball https://goo.gl/rnezcM
Paintball Player Smashes Face Into Barrel https://goo.gl/2mPiUc
Underwater Face Smash https://goo.gl/fk5vGe
High Kick to Face https://goo.gl/EqT7Nu
Kid's Sister Tricks Him https://goo.gl/zmca74
Punch Bag Fights Back https://goo.gl/R8kRcB
Girl Gets Hit in Face With Model Airplane https://goo.gl/nY3kvM
Reclining Chair Hits Shopper in Face https://goo.gl/hapjoR
Grouper Slaps Fisherman in the Face https://goo.gl/JXLeYq
Bookcase Mallet Bounces Back https://goo.gl/AN5cpK
Girl Kicks Ball Into Boy's Face https://goo.gl/QVugDA
Student Can't Take Off Plaster Mask https://goo.gl/nxvmn1

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