The end of another week means it's time for Fails of the Week! This week we have a canoe going a little too fast, a few funny kids failing, and a crazy truck driver!! Enjoy what you see? Let us know in the comments below!!


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Truck Tries to Tow Car Around Neighborhood
Guy Falls Off Boat Trying to Pole Dance
Drunk Girl Tries to Mount Guy
Air Hockey Puck Ricochets Into Guy's Face
Barista Ruins Latte Art
Boy Tries to Walk Across Suspended Plank
Kid Hits Head on Side of Concrete Bowl
Boy Cleans Window with his Tongue
Dog Yanks Branch off Tree
Guy Tries to Fly over Four Chairs
Man Crashes Moped Into Fence
Girl Runs Into Garage Door
Teen Tries to Bike up Rock Pile
Trailer Unhitches in Traffic
Guy Carries Friend and Squats
Guy Falls in River After Sliding Down Hill in Kayak
Woman Falls Attempting Barbell Snatch
Guy Trips Over Stage Monitor at Country Music Concert
Semi-Truck Plows Through Cars Stuck in Traffic
Little Girl Tries to Sled over Hill Like Older Brother
Birthday Boy's Friend Blows out Candles
Girl Reacts to Volcano Gender Reveal
Sister Drops Baby Brother
Guy Jumps Off Cliff and Lands on Boat
Bidet Sprays Girl
Guy Falls On Car Trying to Wheelie on Dirt Bike
Construction Workers Lose Control of Water Hose
Little Boy Says Bad Word while Taking Selfie
Stray Dog Interrupts Wedding
Guys Try to Help Friend Do a Backflip
Guy Breaks Slide at Lake
Guy Breaks Champagne Bottle While Trying to Open It
Guy Bellyflops into Pool after Falling off High Dive
Guy Falls Off Bike and Lands on Steel Beam
Guy Crashes Into Automatic Door While Cycling Down Stairs
Guy Faceplants on Slip N' Slide
Woman Gets Hit by Elephant Truck
Dad Lets Son Bounce on Head
Boy Tumbles Off Sofa

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