Science is all around us, and there's a ton of fails that come with a breakthrough. So we decided to put together a comp in honor of all the scientists out there! Have a favorite? Let us know in the comments! Have a video of your own? Submit it at


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Jug Full of Methane in Hallway
Balloon Filled with Propane
Elephant Toothpaste Experiment Gets All Over Dude
Dog Ruins Egg Drop Project
Coca Cola Balloon Experiment Goes Wrong
Elephant Toothpaste Goes Wrong
Student Shatters Beaker
Man with Mentos and Dr. Pepper
Boy Breaks Glass with Voice
Watermelon in Front of Girls
Solar Powered Glassware Fail
Teacher Plays Water Bottle Prank on Student
Guy Tries to Move Bottle Filled with Dry Ice
Rocket Blows Up
Guy Gets Science Experiment All Over Face and Hair
Guy Tries to Modify Potato Cannon to Be Stronger
Bottle Launches and Hits Boy Between Legs
Baking Soda Experiment
Girl Gets Egg Experiment Wrong
Chemistry Experiment Goes Wrong
Elephant Toothpaste Science Project Gone Wrong
Water Bottle in Guy's Hand
Diet Coke and Mentos Experiment Fail
Bottle Rocket Hits Cameraman
Bottle Rocket Headshot
Egg Experiment Take 2
Little Girl Vinegar Experiment Fail
Science Project Nutshot
Baking Soda in Kid's Face
Electroshock Demonstration Fail
Poor Aluminum Fail
Nitrogen Experiment
Lantern Experiment Fail
Umbrella Jump Experiment

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