Ever see a person and think, 'you must be from out of town'? We've got a bunch of funny tourist fails for you to laugh with. Everything from segway fails to selfie fails and even a monkey grabbing someone's lunch! Have a video of your own? Submit it to FailArmy.com.

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Tourist rallies crowd before walking the plank but fails to deliver https://goo.gl/1xxvvE
Sea Lion Drags Girl Into Water https://goo.gl/3sWK9M
Segway Tour Ends Up With Multiple Fails https://goo.gl/LfsnWW
Monkey Bites Feeder https://goo.gl/yZHW6R
Monkey Steals Bus Driver's Lunch https://goo.gl/jWZ7Ct
Sandboarding Faceplant https://goo.gl/5tiobw
Llama Spits at Spectator https://goo.gl/8pPkrk
Kid Gets in the Face by Blow Hole Stream https://goo.gl/uzodvM
Woman Trying to Ride Luggage Cart https://goo.gl/i5WubZ
Segway Drift Fail https://goo.gl/nRdW9k
Running of the Bulls Cameraman Flipped https://goo.gl/FKz92R
Tidal Wave Water Gives Guy Nutshot https://goo.gl/WiBazF
Tourist Takes Flaming Jumprope to Nuts https://goo.gl/XyDLKG
Tourist's Trust in Czech Night Club Ends Poorly https://goo.gl/c1nvuk
Group Selfie Wave Fail https://goo.gl/L9ie7X
Iceland Windy Beverage https://goo.gl/xRgHNo
Monkeys Hump on Guy's Head https://goo.gl/vA7H3g
Woman Shows Off Inability to See Grand Canyon https://goo.gl/o1NAv6
Tourist Attempts to Walk Across Plank https://goo.gl/eHQ9cL
Guy High Fives Tourist During Photo Attempt https://goo.gl/Dht1Gq
Guy Off Paddle Board https://goo.gl/Cei8Ne
Guy's Pants Get Stuck on Wire https://goo.gl/Y4cEav
Guy Feeds Shark With Fish on Hand https://goo.gl/TrS4Vn
Guy with Flaming Jump Rope https://goo.gl/6cNFH7
Boats Into Each Other During Race https://goo.gl/iKtb8r
Guy Breaks Lounge Chair While Doing Handstands on It https://goo.gl/ckSmkk
Hot Air Balloon Almost Lands in Residential Area https://goo.gl/eMVh8a
Woman While Trying to Ride Luggage Cart https://goo.gl/Qhxq3L
Guy Gets Face Full of Sand After Boogie Boarding Down Dune https://goo.gl/hPFSmJ
Dad Tricks Kid into Climbing Stairs Painted on Wall https://goo.gl/tEtBV5
Kid Has Unexpected Reaction to Surprise Vacation https://goo.gl/56cEyu
Little Boy off Log and into Water https://goo.gl/nXUpyF
Cyclist While Taking a Selfie https://goo.gl/mCx36Z
Wave Takes out Girls in Bikinis https://goo.gl/9sZ3b2
Man Tries to Help Woman Climb Down a Hill https://goo.gl/M6hDyJ
Man Gets His Ear Bit by a Monkey https://goo.gl/yQFj5n
Guy on Moped https://goo.gl/1yVhym
Woman off Bike https://goo.gl/L1BkuZ

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