We are coming in hot with some classic throwback fails! This compilation pretty much has it all: karate fails, skateboarding fails, golfing mishaps, and much more! Have a video of your own? Submit it to FailArmy.com

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Seal Surprises Fishermen https://goo.gl/xwuPc5
Science Teacher Fails at Demonstration https://goo.gl/x1yvsn
Girl Freaks out after Discovering Lizard on Leg https://goo.gl/JUZ74Y
Friends Scare Sleeping Friend https://goo.gl/9dPy9E
Drunk Guy Attempts to Golf https://goo.gl/VaoDMy
Five Person Plank Attempt https://goo.gl/1YM5Mp
Monkeys Hump On Guys Head https://goo.gl/7iViJy
Girl Backflips on Water and Falls https://goo.gl/MzJRpo
Kid Hits Head on Boat Trying to Backflip https://goo.gl/8WvDw4
Parkour Jump to Roll Fail https://goo.gl/QT8RkP
Brother Runs Bike into Little Sister https://goo.gl/AeHvEr
Dog Scares Curious Cats https://goo.gl/gnw3D3
Skier Tries to Turn https://goo.gl/c5Br9V
Car Drives with Gas Hose Still Attached
Guy Fails to Jump from Table to Sidewalk https://goo.gl/8k85VG
Guy Throws Basketball From Chair and Breaks It https://goo.gl/SKrctB
BMX Rider Flies over Handlebar https://goo.gl/zV8tCq
Skimboarder Knocked Down by Wave https://goo.gl/xCQjRj
Monkey Tries to Bite Man https://goo.gl/3z27Tk
Bicyclist Crashes into Tree https://goo.gl/6JdyRJ
Pole Dancer Kicks Friend in the Face https://goo.gl/um9G5x
Intense Longboard Wipeout!! https://goo.gl/8Q5E8W
Grown Men Tumble down Hill in Toy Cars https://goo.gl/vrVs4h
Ballerina Falls During Nutcracker Practice https://goo.gl/9MDWHi
Car Crash Caught on Dash Cam https://goo.gl/UFRsxN
Man Tips Over While Getting Into Kayak https://goo.gl/NHpvUh
Scooter Trick Fails Eventually Turns Into Success https://goo.gl/yAGmUS
Skier Tries to Grind Box Rail https://goo.gl/53kmib
Guy Falls Off Paddle Board and Lands On His Crotch https://goo.gl/L7AKPr
Practicing For 2020 Olympics https://goo.gl/FiZhtz
Guy Tries to Longboard down Grass https://goo.gl/C7ako7
Slowmo Snowboard Grind Fail https://goo.gl/cXtWyb
Motorcyclist Can't Open Door https://goo.gl/Sz11wc
Boat Flies out of Control and Sinks
Tree Cutting Takes a Turn and Destroys Wooden Shed https://goo.gl/EqNcj2
Wedding Guest Excited to Snag Bouquet https://goo.gl/YkHAn5
Guy Takes Selfie Video While Riding Bike and Crashes https://goo.gl/xjgFGV
Man Scares Coworker https://goo.gl/SfnG7a
Motorcycle Attempts to Outrun Car and Crashes https://goo.gl/YL8xAX
Kid Kicks Dad in the Groin During Tae-Kwon-Do Practice https://goo.gl/Ur1Ua9
Skateboarder Goes For Thirteen Barrel Jump and Fails https://goo.gl/Qi2XtW
Rollerblader Faceplants Pavement https://goo.gl/VWL8YH
Teen Attempts to Backflip and Lands on Her Back https://goo.gl/9QJTPL
Guy Kicks Tree During One-Legged Backflip Attempts https://goo.gl/2PNr72
Scenic Kite Flying https://goo.gl/qUrzHL
Dirt Biker Flies Over Handlebars https://goo.gl/86zxu9
Lizard Bites Camera https://goo.gl/jftvke
Wrestling Moves on the Dance Floor https://goo.gl/wHTKSG
Fisherman Slips off Boat https://goo.gl/dLiu14
Paraglider Gets Stuck on Power Lines https://goo.gl/1ckZcF
Guy Standing on Mechanical Bull Falls https://goo.gl/5z89J6
Skier Eats Snow after Failed Backflip https://goo.gl/8mzv4Y
Van Bounces Up and Down on Highway https://goo.gl/eSDmqF
Girls in Heels Walk Around Store https://goo.gl/aB8WTR
Kid Tries to Ride Pogo Stick https://goo.gl/pK2VwQ
Above Ground Pool Jump Fail https://goo.gl/KY8vLn
Ride on Go Kart Goes Wrong https://goo.gl/Zcjyyj
Guy Gets Stuck in Kids Slide https://goo.gl/jhehC1
Guy Falls Off Famous Mountain https://goo.gl/UiaVsx
Motorcycle Crashes Into Deer https://goo.gl/UpmbZX
Shirtless Man Rides Bike Into Giant Puddle https://goo.gl/T6Xicn
Baby Elephant Lies Down on Man https://goo.gl/KoZ9tS
Guy Falls Jumping on Tables https://goo.gl/rFhgvy
Kid Flies Off Rope Swing and Loses Shoe https://goo.gl/46sRwN
Boxes of Chocolate Scattered on Road https://goo.gl/kkJP1p
Horse and Rider Run into Moose in Forest https://goo.gl/ySwqEQ
Dad Breaks Daughter's Scooter https://goo.gl/xHJYDZ
Guy Flies Through Jungle Gym and Falls https://goo.gl/R6LURp
Buffalo Licks Woman's Face https://goo.gl/3UVMyy

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