2017 is almost finished, and this is our last Fails of the Week before we get into our Best Fails of the Year compilations! We end with a hilarious batch including kid fails, gas pump fails and a few boat fails. Remember to check our Holiday Schedule posted in our banner!!

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Girl Pulls Down Fridge While Dancing in Kitchen https://goo.gl/WzZL3w
Guy Falls Off Bike Attempting Trick https://goo.gl/6rRWfv
Guy Knocked Down by Wave
Woman Falls During Dance Off
Guy Races to Dock Skiff https://goo.gl/pXKfi8
Guy Slips in Mud Beside Truck https://goo.gl/ujZzAf
Skateboarder Flips Over Rail https://goo.gl/sdQ757
Toddler Tumbles Down Inflatable Slide https://goo.gl/rAqtQE
Dog Flips Over While Running After Owner https://goo.gl/pbh5jb
Guy Rear-Ends Friend on Go-Kart Track https://goo.gl/dKvRXm
Girl Knocked off Boat Into Canal https://goo.gl/3LBXmg
ATV Gender Reveal Fail https://goo.gl/5JJRxj
Couple Fail Yoga Pose on Beach https://goo.gl/XS64UX
Girls Fall Down Hill While Trying to Photobomb https://goo.gl/B2TjDB
Fisherman Flies off Boat After Throwing Net https://goo.gl/Bne9DN
Girl Says She Loves Balls
Woman Fails to Get on Horse
Guy Dressed in Costume Trips While Pumping Gas https://goo.gl/iNAh8K
Two-Year-Old Ring Bearer Has Tantrum in Aisle https://goo.gl/UAnM92
Guy Falls Off Recliner https://goo.gl/xQ2jQY
Guy's Drone Goes Into Friend https://goo.gl/pV8MWf
Boy Breaks Light While Hitting Baseballs Inside House
Little Girl Fails Makeup Tutorial https://goo.gl/R6GcW4
Dogs Knock Guy Down on Golf Course https://goo.gl/w65uhu
Motorcyclist Drives into Ditch https://goo.gl/kNb7r1
Rally Car Nose Dives After Jump https://goo.gl/38jeAc
Guy Hits Golf Ball with Friend's Prosthetic Leg https://goo.gl/U2Fcmb
Guy Flips off of ATV https://goo.gl/fQohUh
Woman Fails to Drink Beer While Barefoot Waterskiing https://goo.gl/FLkKPz
Woman's Phone Gets Hit with Cricket Ball https://goo.gl/Y34o8t
Person Causes Kayak Pileup
Dad Slides Into Daughter's Face https://goo.gl/wEVs8i
Guy Fails to Launch Canoe Off Pier https://goo.gl/BVrZuu
Guy Slips and Falls Off Dock
Guy Hits Head With Basketball While Attempting Backwards Shot https://goo.gl/LR8T5z
Dog Fails to Catch Slice of Meat https://goo.gl/68gdAk
Dog Fails to Catch French Fry https://goo.gl/7n2yhH
Guy Fails to Prop Up Truss https://goo.gl/5tAcBZ
Guy Falls and Does Somersault During Footrace
Father Pushes Son Face-First Into Snowman
Woman Faceplants While Running Down Mount Fuji https://goo.gl/NgjGom
Guy Tries to Freestyle with Soccer Ball Near Cliff https://goo.gl/fz3EPy
Girl Faceplants While Riding Surf Machine https://goo.gl/iZ16uu
Dog Jumps On Boys Head in Lake https://goo.gl/GfZuP4
Monkey Pees on Guy's Shoulder https://goo.gl/7xNvvY
Woman Gets Hit By Strong Wave https://goo.gl/2S2kyG
Guy Falls While Riding Lawn Mower https://goo.gl/dga5mB
Woman Falls Trying to Dance in High Heels https://goo.gl/ukxoVe
Guy Fails Bouncy Egg Experiment https://goo.gl/Yh1F9w

Best Fails of the Week: No Baseball Inside! (December 2017) | FailArmy

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