Happy 4th of July! To celebrate America's birthday, we have put together a special fail compilation. Have a favorite? Let us know below in the comments! If you have a video of your own, submit it to FailArmy.com.

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Captain America vs. Roman Candles Artillery https://goo.gl/xWi2Wk
Friends Light Mortar Shell in Garage https://goo.gl/Ym7bjn
Multitasking Snowboarder Wipes Out https://goo.gl/yjWi9Y
Redneck Falls into River https://goo.gl/SVrJJJ
Parade Cowboy Lasso Performance Falls Off Horse https://goo.gl/yb8rYK
Girl Faceplants during Tough Mudder https://goo.gl/nepSDB
Firework Mishap Fires at Spectators https://goo.gl/WsyStz
Girl Gets Hit On the Head While Showing Off American Pride https://goo.gl/TLJ4in
Multitasking Snowboarder Wipes Out https://goo.gl/Wp7L4T
Bow and Arrow Fireworks Fail https://goo.gl/SN3sna
Woman Asks For Cigarette https://goo.gl/kapbXH
Prosthetic Arm Pulled Off During Pool Party https://goo.gl/tKmFKj
Hub Cap Falls off Car during Parade https://goo.gl/JjcdDq
Guy Falls off Three-Wheeler https://goo.gl/rwAQgL
Guy Falls Over While Playing Dizzy Bat https://goo.gl/DdnF6x
Guy Falls With Pyro Fire Stilts https://goo.gl/WWvtN3
Man Attempts Barbell Snatch https://goo.gl/sy4Hgj
Homemade Cannon Breaks https://goo.gl/XnE8vq
Girl Tries to Go Down Hill on Cooler https://goo.gl/qiT5e2
Guy Falls on Slackline https://goo.gl/5C3DBF
Man Faceplants After Playing Dizzy Bat https://goo.gl/YFS5nM
Kid Shotguns Juice Box https://goo.gl/heXR5v
Man Nearly Gets Hit by Exploding Refrigerator https://goo.gl/vLUH6y
Kid Accidently Throws Bat Over Fence https://goo.gl/xa6oWm
Guy Slips and Falls in Backflip Attempt Off Friend https://goo.gl/A26jYP
Guy Tries to Do Trick on Quad https://goo.gl/aVzU7o
Girl Tries to Break Wood in Half and Falls https://goo.gl/PyTrn7
Woman Falls Off Truck Attempting Handstand https://goo.gl/qXvqwB
Guy Falls While Riding With Makeshift Rollerskates https://goo.gl/bPBhPc
Man Throws Bat at Friend Playing Dizzy Bat https://goo.gl/JKuNpy
Giant Parade Balloon Pops https://goo.gl/H8bTez
Roman Candle Ricochets and Hits Boy https://goo.gl/gKqPNf
Chewing Tobacco Shoots into Guy's Mouth https://goo.gl/d1GeSg
Man Tips Tractor Off a Truck https://goo.gl/nRfpqX
Dog Knocks Down Guy Playing Football https://goo.gl/9FKFPn
Man Tries to Shotgun a Can of Beer https://goo.gl/VvAbLb
Firework Falls Over and Explodes on Pier https://goo.gl/wvRyJb
Man Falls Off Homemade Kayak https://goo.gl/e9zqHZ
Tractor Explodes at State Fair https://goo.gl/w2oVyv
Guy Uses Ladders as Stilts https://goo.gl/4V3kqe
Guy Breaks Plate on Stomach With Bowling Ball https://goo.gl/Gc7mFQ
Guy Does Wheelie on Four Wheeler and Crashes https://goo.gl/qmxde9
Weights Break off Strap During Guy's Routine https://goo.gl/kAmSQQ
Blowing Up BBQ https://goo.gl/xLTXZB
Captain America old school bmx fail https://goo.gl/BUFy2r
Rocking the American flag man thong https://goo.gl/4o72ft

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