There was a pig situation and we were like, “this feels off.”


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Tasty Ramadan foods on table
Towfiqu Photography/Getty Images
Muslim family eating food at home
Jasmin Merdan/Getty Images
Tired young woman sleeping in bed
Caiaimage/Paul Bradbury/Getty Images
Big Dinner
Jasmin Merdan/Getty Images
Ars-sur-Fromans. Sanctuary-Shrine of Jean-Marie Vianney (the Cure dArs). Roman catholic unleavened wafers for the Holy communion. France.
Pascal Deloche / Godong/Getty Images
Salad in large glass bowl
ATU Images/Getty Images
Philippe Lissac/Getty Images
Teenage girls in St. John Villa Academy Catholic School classroom
Aladdin Color Inc/Getty Images
Athletes at an award ceremony
FangXiaNuo/Getty Images
Bundles of old newspapers against wall
Vladimir Godnik/Getty Images
Wine and bread
MKucova/Getty Images
Communion Wine
princessdlaf/Getty Images
Offering Communion
princessdlaf/Getty Images
Graduates throwing their caps into the air
Matthew Borkoski Photography/Getty Images
Gold medal on blue sky
Tom and Steve/Getty Images
ABC Studio's 'Criminal Minds' - Season Six
Eric McCandless/Getty Images
Female gymnast competing on balance beam
Robert Decelis Ltd/Getty Images
Catholic holy communion, Geneva, Switzerland, Europe
Godong / robertharding/Getty Images
Criminal Minds, Season Four
CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images
Criminal Minds, Season Four
CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images
Pizza crust with napkin on paper plate
Foodcollection/Getty Images
Whole pizza Margherita
Foodcollection/Getty Images
Criminal Minds, season one
CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images
Potato pakoras with yoghurt sauce
Nicki Dowey/Getty Images

Elevated view of businesspeople walking, time lapse
Image Source Ltd/Getty Images

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