Chris and Keith invite a few special guests to taste the authentic Caribbean flavors at Cha Cha Chicken. Kick back with the season finale of Chickenwatch.
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Chris Reinacher

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Scenic View of Sea
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Rooster strenght
digitalvision vectors/Vectorig/Getty Images
Blue Eggshells
DigitalVision Vectors/amathers/Getty Images
The Americas countries mono map
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Chicken Moving Animal Green Screen (Loopable)
Creatas Video/selamiozalp/Getty Images
Fresh Popcorn Falling Out a Box
Creatas Video/GMVozd/Getty Images
Chicken Wings
Creatas Video/Rebelz/Getty Images
Chicken with luma matte
Creatas Video/antorti/Getty Images
Drone Attack!
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Medical emergency team arrives at street accident
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DS Nurse measuring the patient’s temperature in the intensive care
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HD 1080i Closeup of Eyeball 1
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Doctor prepare anesthesia for patient before surgery
Hin255/Getty Images
Close up of doctors and nurses pushing stretcher
Caiafilm/Getty Images
Pushing patient on stretcher in hospital
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Doctors Leaving After A Tough Day
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bowsprit old sailing ship
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Female Doctor
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Man running along the railroad SLOW MOTION
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Italy, hands caressing a hen
Photodisc/Aldo Pavan/Getty Images
moving cloud timelapse
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Paint White
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