Here are the secrets and insider info that bartenders want you to know.


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Bar-shaped spoon in the form of a finger
MaximFesenko/Getty Images
Barman pouring hard spirit into glasses
Jag_cz/Getty Images

Fancy Cheeseburger, Fries, Beer
tonyedwardsphoto/Getty Images
Dolly shot of bar counter in night club
Zinkevych/Getty Images
Male hand paying for a cocktail
FancyStudio/Getty Images
the bartender pours a drink into glasses to glowing bar
Ievgeniiya Ocheretna/Getty Images
Out of focus bar activity
uberstock/Getty Images
Spinning Margarita Glass Time Lapse Stop Motion
Born_Ready_Films/Getty Images
Variety of colourful beers place on table
Denisfilm/Getty Images
Pouring a scotch whiskey on the rocks
svengine/Getty Images
Man paying for cocktail in the bar
FancyStudio/Getty Images
20s Bartender in a hat is pouring mixed cocktail from shaker in a glass
AnatolyLarionov/Getty Images

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